CC LXIV Announcement

Polish Great War 1914-1920 by Urica and Blitzstoper for Kaiser General Efile.

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CC LXIV Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-22 09:14, Sunday

CC Team is proud to announce

Polish Great War 1914-1920
By Urica & Blitzstoper
Efile is Kaiser


(From the included Readme)

This campaign recreates the main battles fought by Polish soldiers between 1914 and 1920, first as a branch of the Austro-Hungarian army during the Great War, and then as a newborn army that fights for the independence of its country, specially against Soviet Russia.

The main campaign path has 16 scenarios, but it is also possible to finish it within 15 or 17.

Normally, any kind of victory will take you to the next scenario, and any loss will imply the end of the game, but there are two exceptions: You can lose scenarios 6 and 11.

This campaign is the fusion of two older, and shorter, ones: Blitzstoper’s “Legiony Polskie” and Urica’s “The Polish-Soviet war”


OpenGen, version (or one with F & F enabled) or newer.

Please note that you can use the campaign available in the default install in order to play this challenge.

The playing levels are as follows:

25% Field Marshal's level
50% General's level
75% Officer's level
100% NCO level
125% or above Troopie's level

Players playing at the two lowest levels ( Marshal, General ) are as usual are asked to refrain from reloading during a scenario, or reloading for prototypes.


Download package for OpenGen:

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