CC LXVI Announcement

Bulgarian Campaign 1912-18 by Urica for Kaiser General Efile.

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CC LXVI Announcement

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CC Team is proud to announce

Bulgarian Campaign
By Urica
For Kaiser Efile


(By Urica)
"At the end of the Russo-Turkish War the Ottoman and Russian Empires signed, on 3 March 1878, the Treaty of San Stefano. Among its clauses the treaty proposed the creation of an autonomous Principality of Bulgaria, which would border the Black Sea to the east, the Aegean Sea to the south, Albania and Serbia to the west and Romania to the north. However, other European powers didn’t agree with this concept of a Greater Bulgaria, so on 13 July 1878 the Treaty of Berlin revised the Treaty of San Stefano.
According the Treaty of Berlin, two autonomous Bulgarian regions would be created within the borders of the Ottoman Empire. Although both regions joined soon afterwards, in 1885, and Bulgaria became a fully independent kingdom in 1908, the resulting state was much smaller than what San Stefano said.

In Bulgaria, irredentist policies soon became popular, and the full implementation of the Treaty of San Stefano was the central point of Bulgarian foreign policy until the end of the 2nd World War.

From 1912 to 1918 that militaristic policy led Bulgaria into three different wars:

First Balkan War (1912-1913): Allied with Greece, Serbia and Montenegro, Bulgaria defeated the Ottoman Empire. However, Bulgarians focused too much on defeating the Turks in Eastern Thrace (the lands surrounding Istambul), so their territorial gains were comparatively few. In the meantime, Serbia liberated all of Vardar Macedonia, and Greece occupied Aegean Macedonia, two regions that Bulgaria claimed.

Interallied War or Second Balkan War (1913): A few months after the First Balkan War ended, Bulgaria attacked Serbia and Greece, hoping to achieve a quick victory that would grant her the region of Macedonia. After a few weeks of war, Bulgaria was completely defeated, had to give Southern Dobruja to Romania and lost most of the land that she had obtained during the First Balkan War.

First World War (1915-1918): Bulgaria saw this new war as an opportunity to recover some of the territories that she claimed. On 14 October 1915, Bulgaria entered the war on the Central Powers‘ side.

Bulgarian support was essential for the victories of 1915 against Serbia and of 1916 against Romania, but in Macedonia the Central Powers soon had to adopt a defensive strategy. However, Bulgaria wasn’t defeated until September 1918, when she had to ask for an armistice. She lost all the territories that she had taken during the war, as well as Western Thrace, and had to pay huge war reparations. There was a revolutionary attempt that had to be repressed, and Tsar Ferdinand had to abdicate and left the country.

This campaign recreates the main battles that took place during those six years of war. "

(Word from CC Team)
"Dear CCers,
Enjoy this challenge deeply! Let the spirit of Bulgarian nation prevail over its enemies! It won't be an easy task, but with cunning tactics and careful planning you'll bring glory for your troops!"


OpenGen, version or newer.

Be sure also to download latest OpenIcons file.

The playing levels are as follows:

25% Field Marshal's level
50% General's level
75% Officer's level
100% NCO level
125% or above Troopie's level

Players playing at the two lowest levels ( Marshal, General ) as usual are asked to refrain from reloading during a scenario, or reloading for prototypes.


Download package for OpenGen:

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