CC LXVII Announcement

Great Patriotic War by Robert “Bob” C for Camo Efile.

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CC LXVII Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-22 09:29, Sunday

CC Team is proud to announce

Great Patriotic War
By Bob C
For Camo Efile
Openized by Thomsen


(By Bob C)
This campaign is a semi-historical campaign representing real battles of the Eastern Front of world war two (or "The Great Patriotic War" for Russians). By "semi" I mean, that I have researched the battles, but forces have been adjusted for gameplay, the enemy forces are historical, just often stronger to compensate for a stronger player core and weaker AI usage of units. This campaign is to show armored warfare tactics from a Soviet Army and Corps level on a Battalion scale for individual units, as well as show the icons of the Camo Equipment file.

(Word from Thomsen)
"Dear CCers,
At some point in the past, we (CC Team) decided to honour Bob C for all his contribution to this great game. With the advice of Pzmaniac we chose Great Patriotic War as most promising object and I started to openise it with the invaluable playtesting help of Terminator (MIA). Later on, Daerandir joined our playtesting cause.
This campaign depicts some of the most intense and bloody battles for the Soviet side. In reality Red Army lost some of them. How will these battles end up here is up to you ladies and gentlemen.
Original campaign was heavily openised, a few features were introduced and I also concentrated on introducement of new victory conditions and general adjustment to OG engine with numerous micro-tweaks. So some of you that had played original campaign might not recognize certain scenarios.
The efile is controversial in some aspects, some solutions you might find strange, but in general we decided not to interfere with original efile. It is as it was created by Bob C (although it's a mod of AK efile).
There should be plenty of prestige during the play, so don't be afraid to command in Soviet style. Core losses are probable and are included in the campaign design.
Last but not least, I hope that you'll enjoy this campaign or at least find it a challenging and rewarding gameplay.
Good luck fellow generals!"


OpenGen, version or newer.

Be sure also to download latest OpenIcons file.

The playing levels are as follows:

25% or lower - Field Marshal's level
50% - General's level
75% - Officer's level
100% - NCO level
125% or above - Troopie's level

Players playing at the two lowest levels (Marshal, General) as usual are asked to refrain from reloading during a scenario, or reloading for prototypes.


Download package for OpenGen:

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