CC LXVIII Announcement

Imperial Japanese Navy 1937-43 by Björn (Golothin) for LXF Efile.

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CC LXVIII Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-22 09:32, Sunday

CC Team is proud to announce



By Golothin

For LXF Efile

(By Golothin)
Fancy to try something different? Good, this Challenge presents one of the rare naval type campaigns where a combined core of ground, air and naval units is needed. The idea for PG2 naval campaign is not new - back then, Andreas Seidel and Dennis Felling made a start with the DEUTSCHE MARINEKORPS CAMPAIGN and these two guys would definitely like the today possibilities of OG. Naval campaigns are not everyone's taste - some like it, others not. So I'm happy if some of the still around players give it a try!
It is a 23 scenarios long linear semi-historical campaign starting in 1937 in China and ending 1943 in the Pacific. Semi-historical means the repertoire ranges from historical and hypothetical up to fictional scenarios - every type is included on rarely seen maps. For experienced admirals, playing at 50% should pose no problems if act thoughtfully. The camp is relative new and use a wide variety of OG features and in conclusion I would like to point out the in my view most important settings used by the campaign/Efile:

- Construction units can build/lay bridges on Major River (former Impassable River) terrain.
- Level bombers and High Altitude Reconnaissance aircraft can only intercepted by AD/Fighter class and Destroyer/Carrier with DP arming but not by Flak class.
- Level bombers and Night fighters are AWC-capable.
- Level bombers and Jet-powered aircraft can't use dirt airfields.
- Flaks, Destroyers and Carriers defending friendly units against air attacks with range = 1.
- Also spotted Flak/AD/Destroyer/Carrier units intercept aircraft finishing movement above or in range = 1.
- Infantry/AT/Arty/Fortification class units and combat ships give support fire.
- Dive Bomber/Flamethrower and Rocket Launcher units ignore entrenchment like Engineers.
- All ground units and combat ships can capture flags.
- Fortifications/Elite Infantry and Guerrilla units don't surrender.
- Ground units get full resupply on any terrain, also desert.
- Attachments give bonus without penalty and don't increase the value of your core.
- Combined Air Deploy/Air Exit Hexes can't be used to resupply aircraft, also not adjacent. Aircraft leave the map if you fly above.
- This is a No-auto-refit campaign! Core units suffered in battle have to brought to full strength in HQ manually with the available pp.
- For replacement are two options available - Green and Elite replacement. Green replacement is cheap but leads to loss of experience. Elite replacement is expensive, but no experience is lost.
- Most of the available aircraft can be carried by ships. Which ships can carry which aircraft is displayed in Purchase/Upgrade dialog and also ingame by a green marker.
- Press Ctrl+K before movement if an aircraft should place above a ship and not in hangar.
- Extended Naval Rules and critical hit are turned on!

Enjoy the Challenge!

(Word from CC Team)
Dear CCers,
We have decided to introduce you to a campaign from well renowned designer - Golothin aka Bjoern Neuhauser. His works are known for their quality and playability. Moreover, he is an efilekeeper for one of the most popular efiles nowadays and definitely one of the most up-to-date ones. This CC - called in short IJN - is one of the most innovative designs sporting some of the most modern features of OG. We are sure that you won't regret playing this campaign, so get in your vessels, planes, etc. and fight for the Empire of the Rising Sun!
Have fun and enjoy this masterpiece.


OpenGen, version or newer.

Be sure also to download latest OpenIcons file and please use the alternative OpenIcons file!

The playing levels are as follows:

25% Field Marshal's level
50% General's level
75% Officer's level
100% NCO level
125% or above Troopie's level

Players playing at the two lowest levels ( Marshal, General ) as usual are asked to refrain from reloading during a scenario, or reloading for prototypes.


Download package for OpenGen:

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