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forum features: creating a poll

Posted: 2019-11-01 11:24, Friday
by lvjtn
in general, polls can be created by any registered user, however, there can be special forums (like the cc threads) where only the admins and mods can create a poll

the default number of maximum poll options is 10, can be increased time to time for a special voting. if you want your poll having more options, please contacct with an admin

let's see how to create a poll step by step:

1. create a new topic:


2. write a briefing for your poll


so far it's the same as opening a regular new thread, the tricky part starts here:

3. instead of pressing the “submit” button, scroll down and select the “poll creation” tab:


4. fill all fileds (every line in the “poll options” is one voting candidate) and at the end, press the “submit” button above the tab: