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[DEV] Luftwaffe General

Post by JediKnight007 » 2019-11-09 21:48, Saturday

Originally made for the DOS version, this is my mod converted to PGF.

Long story:  see old thread here -> https://panzercentral.com/forum/viewtop ... 98&t=57430

Short story:  Basically a remix of the standard PG campaign, but your smaller core is comprised of aircraft, AA, flak, and paratroop (Fallschrimjager) units (Luftwaffe had their own versions of the latter 3, separate from the Heer and Waffen-SS).  Based upon Radoye's SS mod, so much of the credit goes to him (see Docs/credits.txt for the complete credits).

First demo (39 campaign, Poland through Sealion/Sealion Plus) is ready.  I've done very little testing with the PGF version (I have very limited access to a PC), but all scenarios load without crashing (standalone and campaign), and the briefings appear to be fine.  Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions, and bug reports are welcome and encouraged;  playtesting your own scenarios isn't too helpful, since I know what units are where.

DOS version and installation: see old thread
PGF installation:  unzip the archive, then copy/move the Luftwaffe General folder into the PGF main folder (where the EXE is).  Then start the mod like any other PGF mod.

In the Luftwaffe General folder, double-clicking real_flags.bat will install the "real" German flag;  double-clicking safe_flags.bat restores the "sanitized" version (this is the default).  This is for historical accuracy, not glorification;  Waffen-SS also has the "real" flag, that's where the idea came from.  This will also change the game.png thumbnail.

PGF version demo 1.1 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1urbYtL ... sp=sharing
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