MTC Part 1 thougts

Red Army Campaign 1936-45 by Björn (Golothin) for LXF Efile.

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MTC Part 1 thougts

Post by Keighleyred » 2021-01-09 22:02, Saturday

First of all i would like to say
bloody good show i personally enjoyed this (cc)
thanx to Golothin for starting this idea with a post on the German forum that got picked up and snowballed
also i felt honored to be asked to choose the campaign (i hope you all enjoyed it)
hats off to Parabellum for an awesome kill ratio :bow
also to Major Heinz for his sheer guts and determination to finsh

most of all though a joy to see quite a few participants taking part and finishing

here`s to MTC2 and hopefully it will be as much fun as this last one but with a few more players :ihope :ihope

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Re: MTC Part 1 thougts

Post by hoza » 2021-01-10 07:08, Sunday

I agree with you although I am very slow because I still play PBEM if I find opponents and there are still a few. Wonder where the MTC 2 is? :grumpy