CC XXV Announcement

Millerblitz+ by Craig Miller and Jan Hedström (PzManiac) for BaseKorp Efile.

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CC XXV Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-20 19:34, Friday

JP’s Panzers
Is proud to announce
Campaign Challenge XXV

PzManiac’s conversion of CraigMiller’s
MillerBlitz+ v2.02
w/Base Korps Equipment File and Modified terrain file


This is one of the oldest and most popular user-made campaigns, this time with a very interesting twist using Brian “Puma” Gosley’s Base Korps efile plus using Brian's modified terrain file that adds some different movement types (see Brian's introduction, below). The main idea with CC 25 is to take a very familiar (some would say too familiar) campaign like the MillerBlitz, and try it one out with the BK efile and modified movement costs, to see how it plays...

Campaign path choice
This campaign is in reality two campaigns in one campaign – Blitzkrieg! and a modified version of Greater Europe – both campaigns originally made by Craig Miller. Players can choose whichever they want to play. If you want to play Blitzkrieg! (which is the same campaign used in CC#1, #3 and #5) you have to take a TV at Dunkirk. If you instead rather play Greater Europe you will have to take a BV or a V at Dunkirk.There is NO way you can switch between the two campaigns at a later stage, as your result at Dunkirk determines which scenarios you will encounter later on. The Greater Europe path is 4-5 scenarios longer than the old Blitzkrieg! path but the difficulty level should be more or less the same. Both campaigns are strictly linear in their composition.

This campaign starts up at Madrid and will end either in England (Blitzkrieg!) or in Russia (Greater Europe). As players familiar to the campaign(s) will know, there are a LOT of standard Blitzkrieg type-scenarios in the campaign.

The fun part of the campaign is that it will allow players to compose the core of their own choice.

Efile choice
Brian "Puma" Gosely has come up with many interesting ideas over the years, which he has incorporated in his Base efile. Recently he has come up with the Base Korps efile, which is a continuation of the original Base efile that was used in CC13 for instance. The fun thing about the Base Korps Efile is that it’s almost 100% compatible with the Adlerkorps, meaning that most campaigns made for the Adlerkorps should be eminently playable with the Base Korps Efile. So if you’re just out to have fun, choose a high prestige level – and buy yourself a couple of Railguns . If you’re looking for a tougher challenge, try out the GOA challenge instead.

Here are Brian's own words about his work

The BK-efile is a Base-ised version of AK. I have modified the "original" BaseEfile and created a BaseKorp efile that is compatible with AdlerKorp but has all the enhancements of BaseEfile.

The BaseKorp (BK) efile requires the modified terrain file packaged with the efile download. This modified file allows for the different movement methods to be utilised by BKefile. I have included Ranger movement for paras and Heavy Track for the large tanks etc. In addition I have also modified the other movements slightly and Towed movement is now correct. The Excel Movement table included in the download describe in detail the changes I have made.

The countries are now aligned with AK. However compatibility is not 100%. The country/class/unit should be correct but my Base ideas are incorporated in the BKefile, meaning that Support Fire, Disembark, Engineer, Phased Movement, Air Support and Transports will be different to AK. Stats will of course also be different. I do not use the native names for units and I am not going to give every transport a name. The transports are generic to all countries with a few exceptions.

To sum up: Differences between the efiles will be
AT/ATY units
Mechanised Infantry
New units
Special abilities
Engineer ability on non-INF units :naughty

The playing levels are as follows:
0% General of the Army's Challenge
30% Field Marshal's Challenge
50% General's Challenge
75% Officer's Challenge
100% NCO’s Challenge
101% and above Troopie’s Challenge

Players playing at the three lowest levels (GOA, FM , General’s level) are as usual asked to refrain from reloading during a scenario, or reloading for prototypes.

Good Luck Herr Generals


Download package for OpenGen:

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