CC L Announcement

Blitz 2008 (taking Greater Europe path) by Craig Miller and Jan Hedström (PzManiac) for Latin Generals Efile.

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CC L Announcement

Post by CC Team » 2019-09-21 13:43, Saturday

CC Team is proud to announce

Campaign Challenge L

Pzmaniac's updated version of Craig Miller's Blitzkrieg!

Blitz 2008

(Taking the Greater Europe Campaign path)

(with the Latin Generals efile)

There is little doubt that the Miller Blitz by Craig Miller is the most classical PG2 campaign, and also most likely the one campaign that many of us have replayed over the years. The original Miller Blitz was also chosen as the first Challenge Campaign here at JP's long ago, and it's also the campaign that we have replayed most times in various versions and with various e-files. So when we now celebrate our fiftieth Challenge Campaign, it's IMO only fitting that we play a new version of this enduring campign.

About four years ago I released an updated version of the original campaign seeing that there was a need of an updated version. This version, called MillerBlitz+, still remained very close to the original version, but had some small changes made to it.

Two years ago I decided to do a major update of the campaign, retooling many of the original SSI scenarios included in the campaign and using many of the new maps that have been created by some of our best map makers. (incidentally thank you guys for your lovely art work)

However the campaign still basically retains the Blitzkrieg style that made the campaign so popular when it was released. (Making this campaign into anything else would be close to sacrilege ;-))

When it comes to scenario changes you will find that there are considerably less enemy arty and less enemy aircraft than in the original version, so there should not be a need of building a HUGE AD contingent which was a requisite for getting through the original version.

In many scenarios I also use different settings on current/basic strength, which prevents enemy units from refitting to maximum. Most BV limits have been fine-tuned, and the caps/prestige settings have been overhauled to make this campaign play very differently at different prestige settings. In some scenarios I’ve also removed many of the flagged hexes in order to make the AI play better.

Lastly one piece of important information :!:
Please note that this campaign uses the same scenario names that my MillerBlitz+ so you can’t have both this campaign and MillerBlitz+ in your scenario folder at the same time.

...and yes the reason why the campaign is called Blitz 2008 and not 2009 is because a first version of the campaign was ready last year, but it has taken me over a year to do the necessary changes to it after the initial playtesting round last year.


Mandatory campaign path for the challenge

This campaign is in reality two campaigns in one campaign – Blitzkrieg! and a modified version of Greater Europe – both campaigns originally made by Craig Miller. For this particular CC at the choice scenario players will have to choose the Greater Europe path (ie move your unit to Gibraltar).

Core composition

As in all Blitzkrieg campaigns you will need a balanced core to get through the campaign, and unlike older versions of the campaign you will NOT get through the campaign without an air force. Getting through the Invasion England scenario will require at least three fighters.

The playing levels are as follows:

0% General of the Army's Challenge
25% Field Marshal's Challenge
50% General's Challenge
100% Officer's Challenge
150% NCO’s Challenge
200% and above Troopie’s Challenge

Please note that the campaign has not been tested at 0% so anyone trying at that level will do it at the risk of not having enough prestige to finish the campaign.

Players playing at the three lowest levels (GOA, FM , General’s level) are as usual asked to refrain from reloading during a scenario, or reloading for prototypes.

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Dare you play at 0% ?


Download package for OpenGen:

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